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A claymation inspired action/strategy local multiplayer and single player game where you try to survive the blazing snowstorm and the freezing sea. Created for Unreal Spring Jam 2020.

Snow piles are weighing down your lawn, get your water hose and start clearing the snow piles while desperately searching for powerful items hidden in the snow to aide you.

Your primary objective is to stay above the sea because the freezing water will kill you in seconds. Try to find higher ground and use the tilt of the platform to your advantage. You can clear specific sides of the platform so it is tilted in certain directions, which is very useful in PVP games where your objective is to sink your opponent. The snow piles can drop powerful items that will help you.

Controls: WASD / ARROWS / GAMEPAD LEFT STICK to move. LEFT MOUSE + MOUSE / GAMEPAD RIGHT SHOULDER + RIGHT STICK to use primary action. E / GAMEPAD LEFT SHOULDER to use alternate action.

Gamepad gets assigned to player 2 automatically and is required for multiplayer matches.

Created for Unreal Spring Jam 2020.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.


Paranes_ThawingHeights.zip 42 MB


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